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The greatest shock, after seeing my daughter die in front of me, was to experience firsthand the same shock and trauma I had been trained to observe and work with in others. The universe was calling me in the most profound way possible to practice my own work. Now it was time to see if I could take what I had been teaching for so many years to a deeper level.

Resilience is a process,
not something that just happens,
if we ‘give it time.’

Let’s get real: we all know people still stuck in the pain of something that happened decades ago. You don’t have to be one of them.

If I could teach you to improve how you feel in just seven days or less in just fifteen minutes a day, would you be interested? This question is not purely academic for me. If I can make what I have learned available to prevent suffering in others, I feel my life has meaning. This is why I make this course available. I’ve walked the road, found the shortcuts and I want to teach you how to bypass years of extended pain.

“My main focus has been on how we learn, how the brain organizes itself to expedite new growth. How the right environment speeds up the process. It’s fast, it’s easy and it makes a lifelong shift in how you see the world accessible – to anyone.

When I first went into the deep initiation, referred to as the dark night of the soul since the Middle Ages, no one knew if I would be able to pull myself out. I certainly wasn’t sure. After all, I had already endured so much; how many times can a person pull themselves out of  loss, neglect, abandonment, and abuse? I felt such rage. Here I was with all these tools for growth and healing at my fingertips. It was as if the Universe was thumbing it’s nose at me. I didn’t feel humbled, I felt humiliated. I had come to the realization that it was time to take what I knew to the next level. It was time to see if I could really live what I had been learning and teaching throughout my career. I tried telling people that I felt as if the Universe was testing me, but no one took me seriously. Grief is like being pregnant. People pat you on the hand, and tell you you’re just experiencing a lot of emotions right now, it’s okay. Then, they go on their merry way and you are left, alone with your pain. It’s one of the loneliest places to be, but you don’t have to go it alone. Not any more. Let me help you. Take the course.

No one took me seriously…until they understood that resilience is a process that can be taught, that you can learn. It doesn’t have to take years and years. It can happen within a few months, once you decide you’ve had enough.

No one really understood the significance of what I was up to until they began to notice that while many people with losses not quite as permanent were still stuck in grief years later. Meanwhile, I was beginning to come back from that dark night of the soul, that sense of senselessness very quickly. I was beginning to be able to smile, to respond without being triggered by every little occurrence that reminded me of just how final this loss was. Ultimately, I was able to laugh, to love again, and to interact with others in trust, and to care, again, about life itself.


What would your life look like if you could wake up with clarity, feeling inspired to pursue your work, curious to see what the day would bring? How would you feel about being alive if you could act spontaneously, living out your preferences, making your own decisions, independent of what other people want or expect of you? What would you do with yourself if you had the energy to pursue activities that make you feel alive? How much would you enjoy feeling free of overwhelm, easily able to focus, doing things that are meaningful to you? Life is clearly too short to be miserable, to suffer all the time. What would it be like for you to enjoy being alive?

Who Am I & Why Should You Trust Me To Guide You On Your Personal Path to Discovering Joy on the Road to Resilience?

Gabrielle Pullen, Wisconsin & Tia

My name is Gabrielle Pullen. I am one of a small, but growing number of people, professionally trained in the treatment of trauma and post traumatic stress, who embody that training in their own experience. It’s said that book learning is theory, and experiential learning is practice. New studies in neurology prove it. My work is a synthesis of both that bridges six years of professional training with 30 years of personal practice resulting in resilience skills I have used to work with myself and a huge client base over twenty years. I continue to refine and expand this practice because it’s so personally fulfilling and engaging. Imagine waking up eager to interact with the day, excited, curious. It’s all up to you. All you have to do is decide you’ve had enough and you want to try something just a little out of your comfort zone. If I could do this, you can too.

Conventional approaches are hampered by outdated paradigms. Accepted treatments are either drugs that dull perception, numbing the senses (the very organs that make life animated), or suck you into the conviction that someone else can fix you. It’s not gonna happen. This is something you learn to feel in your bones, to sense in your gut, to experience as truth. I embody a somatic approach which means I have to actually practice what I teach. It has to be in me. That’s how I know with such absolute certainty that it works. The proof is in the pudding. You will know when its working. You will know because your truth will speak louder than words. I can show you a self-directed path to resilience and the kind of growth that provides certainty, strength beyond what went before.

A therapist can only model what to do to get back to having a ‘normal’ life, because most psychology is the study of pathology, the study of how to fix what’s broken. By contrast, I can model what to do to go beyond normal, which is really not that great, into strength and from that inner strength into such growth that you tap into a  sense of joy, a sense that you have perhaps not felt since you were a small child. That is not average.

My approach is somatic, meaning it encompasses the Whole Self: the place we live: we inhabit our bodies, our minds, and our hearts. It’s based in the expression of creativity: you learn to access personal inspiration every day. You learn to connect to your innate wisdom, your individual Soul, the Intelligent Awareness that animates you.

Which Brings Us to

Your Right to Heal,

and how you can write your way back to resilience and enjoyment.

Ultimately, Creativity is a path to Insight. Relaxation is a path to creativity. And, learning is a path to discovering lifelong self directed tools for resilience. When all else fails, you still have yourself.

I have made a lot of mistakes so you don’t have to. I have lived with the steep, long learning curve so you can skip past all that. You can jump ahead by simply leveraging the learning I am can make available to you.

What People Are Saying About This Work

“A practice with intention to be conscious … and to help me stay in the present moment is a gift.  A gift I want to give to myself. Your thoughts direct my attention to what is really important: Compassion for myself and compassion for others. I want to be at peace with myself. The meditations you create truly are leading me to a place of joy.” –Mary S.

“My childhood was extremely chaotic due, in great part, to being raised by a parent who was emotionally disturbed. My twenties, thirties and forties were marked by tremendous anger. What I really sought was lasting peace. After I started working with Gabrielle, I found that the peace for which I long was creeping into my life in unexpected ways. I experience calm in frustrating situations. My reactions to situations are way different. I rarely have that tone in my voice any more…I get less frustrated in my primary relationships with my husband of 46 years and my adult children, their spouses and my grandchildren. I can see other ways of viewing situations. I don’t work at this-I don’t do anything. I merely work with the meditations live or listen to them on CD’s.”  –Pam P.

“I was making contact with a seemingly disjointed area of my body that I couldn’t sense before. I don’t know how it all works, but Gabrielle has given me some great medicine, in the form of her instruction, that has given me hope for managing my pain. That means a lot to me. I’ve been telling everyone I know about the lessons I’ve taken from Gabrielle and what I’ve learned from her. I sure do recommend her!”  –Michele H.

“Little by little, I feel my pain going away. I’m doing a little bit every day and I really enjoy the process.”  -Jane C.

“Thank you. You are a strong woman! With your help, I was able to release and survive a very painful part of my life. Words cannot describe how good it was to cry, to trust. You are special and my life is better for knowing you.”  –Marcia L.

“I am doing better! I have been working with your lessons and you have left a legacy with me that I deeply appreciate.” –Coquelico

WiscGallop“Something Gabrielle said at the Herstory monthly Women’s Write to Heal Circle in Grass Valley last May made a huge difference for me…Just shifting my perspective from ‘Why is this happening to me?’ to ‘It just is. It isn’t good or bad. It doesn’t mean I’m good or bad, either. Whatever is happening, is just is the way it is…’ Sounds simple, but it really helped me in a big way and I so appreciate having had that interaction with her!”  –Marley M.

Membership Includes: Online lessons you can do in the comfort of your own home.


If you can’t depend on yourself, who can you depend on? When you commit to learning resilience skills, you can rely on yourself, for life.

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