The FELDENKRAIS METHOD®  –  Movement That Teaches

The Gap: Old patterns of stress and tension prevail under the surface of conscious awareness. Moving with constant, low-level tension only emphasizes compensation patterns. They get worse as you exercise, because it strengthens asymmetries. A return from injury into normal function requires awareness as any athlete knows. A return from excessive stress to liberation can take you from limitation all the way to optimal function if you take the plunge! Explore the full potential of your own being.

The Solution: Feldenkrais®  is a practice you can easily teach yourself to enable the release of subliminally held tension. Yet, that is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of what’s possible when you engage in this unique and amazing approach to maximizing human potential. It’s an easy way to learn a very specific relationship with movement that promotes the ability to focus, to become grounded, and to understand boundaries in a very concrete, physical way. Overall, this enhanced ability to direct your attention improves the quality of your life. Once you finally regain your relationship with ease, you may be surprised at how much tension you have been living with most of your life. You will find yourself beginning to value yourself more. You may find you become more gentle with yourself. You will most likely start to take your perceptions and ideas seriously, perhaps for the first time in your life. Your relationship with your own creativity will blossom as you learn this amazing Method for improving your innate capacity for lifelong learning, one of the foundations of resilience.

“Release your limitations.”

A method of working with old trauma in mind AND body. A method that recognizes there is not line between the two because the brain and consciousness itself permeate every cell and ordain every minute detail as well as what you do intentionally. Feldenkrais retrains the brain to reduce hypertension and compensation patters. It puts the mind into a state of receptivity, diminishing reactivity, creating emotional stability and regenerating trust in the world and in your own ability to adapt, to figure it out, to learn from experience.

“What will you do with more energy? What could you do if your mind were sharper? Where would you take your body if you could move without restriction?” – Gabrielle Pullen, GCFP  – Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner

ATM webThe Group Format is called Awareness Through Movement® (ATM) which can turn into a practice you can do in the comfort of your own home with Mp3 recordings. What’s unique about this Method is that, unlike exercise where you must constantly do things over and over to maintain the same level of fitness, with ATM as you get more comfortable with it, you can often simply touch base with a lesson just briefly and the benefit of the entire lesson comes flooding back to you effortlessly. Yet, paradoxically, the Method is so rich that it’s like a good book, an ATM lesson often holds additional new learning each time you engage with it, so that lifelong learning becomes an adventure of discovery.

The Private Lesson Format is called Functional Integration®

Functional Integration>>>>>Private Lessons in the Feldenkrais Method are known as Functional Integration® (FI), because they integrate the parts of the self lost in the shuffle of trauma and stress and expand the awareness you were born with to include your entire soma (from Greek, meaning, ‘the whole self’).Gabrielle-and-Michael2 Find out more or book a session with Gabrielle Pullen, GCFP in Bothell, WA.

When the body is grounded within the field of gravity, the psyche is allowed the freedom that a sense of safety and easy mobility provides. Think movement is not relevant?

Think about it. If you could not walk, would it inhibit your sense of independence and autonomy? By the same token, the more free you feel in your body, the safer, more flexible and adaptable you will discover yourself to be in mind…for there is no line between the two.

But What Is It Like? Feldenkrais lessons are slow, so you can cultivate the capacity for greater awareness. They are usually done lying down so that your nervous system does not have the additional task of keeping your postural muscles engaged to keep you upright. This allows the full, exquisite sensitivity of your own proprioception to kick in. The most common comment after a lesson is, “I feel so much more grounded.” There may be a sense of feeling stronger, but only because you have improved your organization in space. There is a state change which is felt as an inner quiet. Sometimes your peripheral vision improves. You sense yourself stacked up over your bones so that your muscles are free to move. A lack of restriction in the body manifests as a feeling of new ease, relief and newly accessible mobility.

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