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  • Anonymous Scribe

    Okay Strong Women, I hope your weekend is wonderful. There’s this chapter of the Bible, Deuteronomy 13, which came again to me today, probably going to use it in the screenplay. Getting through this fear to go on. Must be careful! What if there is retaliation when I go against my family’s beliefs? Damnit, it pisses me off that this still alarms me! I could use some comforting words about now. This screenplay I’m writing is an act of bucking the taboos I was raised with. How do I get past my fear and do it anyway? Anonymous Scribe

  • somalogicgabrielle

    how many languages the Bible was originally recorded in and how many
    times it’s been translated by people with an agenda unrelated to the
    original intention of the people involved. it may be that the version
    you are using is so clouded with manipulation that it incites fear.
    distance yourself from it enough to realize that it may have been
    designed to do just that as a means of controlling the collective. you,
    however, are NOT the collective ego, but have discernment and vision.

    remember that any text is perceived from the level of awareness and
    centeredness we are reading it from. when you feel that feeling, step
    away for a moment and do one of your centering practices.

    means to subvert the control of the collective is within you, use your
    own will to say an Inner No to the lure of manipulative thoughts,
    beliefs or complexes of belief systems which take you back to the
    mindset of the child you were who did not have the vision and
    discernment you now have.

    this clearing is a clearing you do for the collective, not just for yourself. thank you for doing it!
    love gabrielle

    • Anonymous Scribe

      Oh thank you so much for your encouragement and wisdom. I will read these words over and over and go forward.
      Thank you!!!!!!

  • Anonymous Scribe

    Geez, I got myself sick over this! I didn’t write my screenplay
    either–too sick to go to the last class. I forced
    myself to go to the Landmark Advanced Course, but I couldn’t make it
    through the course, I relapsed and now I’m just as sick as ever! But
    before I walked out of the seminar, I heard
    Danny McNamara, our Landmark Advanced Course leader, say that we never get rid of fear.
    We live in a comfort zone mostly, but as I master stuff, participate
    more fully in the community, etc. that ups the fear as I enter zones
    where I’ve never been, maybe nobody has. (He said some more stuff too
    about fear, but I don’t remember it now. I wasn’t concentrating fully,
    about 40%, so I’m going to make it up in San Francisco in May.)

    those words you wrote below helped to ground me. Thanks for reminding
    me that I’m not a child anymore. I DO have discernment to know that
    that’s a bunch of mallarchy!

    What do you say Wise One? Do you still have fear? How shall I take that? Just get used to it? WTF?

    Not amused,

    Anonymous Scribe!

    • somalogicgabrielle

      Fear has a biological function: it keeps us safe. However, it has been
      co-opted by the collective to keep us in line. We need discernment to
      tell the difference between our gut instincts which preserve us in times
      of danger and the implanted paranoia of the Collective Ego which is
      designed to undermine our independence. (This does not mean ego is bad
      either; it, too, has the function of protecting us by helping us
      establish boundaries; but the Collective Ego is warped by 5000 years of
      putting dominance and patriarchy on a pedestal.)

      out Sue Monk Kidd’s book, The Dance of the Dissident Daughter for an
      excellent account of one woman’s journey to heal the wounds inflicted by
      patriarchy: A Woman’s Journey from Christian Tradition to the Sacred