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Meditation That Connects You To Yourself & Your Power

A means of accessing your own game-changing ideas spontaneously...

Releasing Hypervigilence

Awareness Through Movement® to release the tension of a lifetime...

Insight Journaling

Tell a new story about your life. The power of words is the write way to heal.

Why do some people survive the same experiences that break others? Take the Course.

Resilience is an inside job, like happiness.

Learned Literacy & Resilience Enhances Critical Thinking, Improving Your Job Prospects & Your Quality of Life. Start Changing the Course of Your Life Immediately.

For Women who have decided to stop letting the past interfere with the future. You can change course in less than 10 minutes a day.

Permanent change is simply a matter of retraining your brain.

Memories of past alcoholism, addiction, abuse all affect emotions, learning & the resting state of the nervous system. Like a totalitarian government, the post traumatic effects of ancient grief reigns with an iron fist, interfering with our perception until we loose our way. Children are born with spontaneous joy, inquisitive natures, the creative impulse to play. What does it mean to have your personal reality defined for you before you are even old enough to discern what’s real and what’s not? Women subject to abuse, even if it's years ago, often have a range of PTSD symptoms. Here you will find out how you can help yourself.

“Those who fiercely pursue the writing of journals...do so because they sense that the words that have been used to rob them of individuality are the very means by which they can restore dignity and create identity.”

The only world we know, as children, is the inner world. Gradually, as we mature into adults, we gain access to the outer world, as it has been defined for us by others. At some point, there is a need to assess what’s true and what is not.

If you find yourself living in a constant reaction to the outside world, to others, then becoming free of that is a gift.

Enter the inner world. Discover the boundlessness of self. Define your own reality.

“To write is, above all else, to construct a self.”

What enlightens you, what really is calling you? What is YOUR path and yours alone? Tap into your creativity, in a way designed to give you access to your own inner wisdom.

“To recognize that we are gifted - that we have been given the gift of creativity - is to claim parts of ourselves too often denied. But, in order for us to be given to, we must be willing to receive.”

Insight Journaling teaches you how to nurture and develop your ideas, understand and release the charge of strong emotions, and foster the creativity that resides within you. What would it be like if you could depend on having access to your own insights? To easily access emotional sustenance daily?

Many people, who have been journaling for twenty or thirty years, have discovered ways to use words to create a new reality, to express the inexpressible, to turn pain into a story that reflects the beauty of the human spirit. You can, too. You can do it on your own, or, you get the guidance that can save you twenty years of experimentation to discover how to make your words work for you.

“Nurture and develop what has been given, to make something with it. By adding to the gift, we make it more fundamentally ours, and in doing so, we are made more whole.”

“Additional potent Resilience Resources:

iRest® Meditation to renew the ability to love &

Awareness Through Movement® to relax hypervigilance.”

Excerpts in quotes from the book, Writing for Your Life, by Deena Metzger

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